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Randomized creative stimulation

Harmand System 1 stylized as HS-001 is the first exploration around ways that creatives can be inspired. After curating over 7000 images, I designed and developed a website to display them in random order for each visitor based on IP address so that no two people have the same experience. The website has two formats, a gridded view and a slideshow view that changes images every 7 seconds while excluding UX/UI components to engage the viewer to wait for the next image. The intent behind the slideshow view is to combat 'doom-scroll' culture by forcing the viewer to reflect and analyze the image in front of them. The website is coded so that mobile viewers cannot view the images at all, meaning that all viewers must be on a desktop while viewing. HS-002 is currently under development and will launch in the near future alongside further versions including new features and immersive elements.

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Research + Development
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